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SAINT JOAN                              8!

KHJLENGEY \gravefy] Sit down, Joan.

JOAN [checked a little, and looking to Robert] May 1 ?

ROBERT. Do what you are told.

Joan curtsies and sits down on the stool between them*
Robert outfaces his perplexity with his most peremptory air,

ROBERT. What Is your name ?

JOAN [chattily] They always call me Jenny in Lorraine,
Here la France I am Joan, The soldiers call me The Maid.

ROBERT. What is your surname ?

JOAN. Surname ? What Is that ? My father sometimes
calls himself f Arc; but 1 know nothing about It. You
met my father. He

ROBERT. Yes, yes: I remember. You come from Don-
remy IE Lorraine, 1 think.

JOAN. Yes; but what does It matter ? we all speak

ROBERT. Don! ask questions : answer them. How old
are you ?

JOAN. Seventeen : so they tell me. It might be nineteen.
I dont remember,

ROBERT. What did you mean when you said that St
Catherine and St Margaret talked to you every day ?

JOAN. They do.

ROBERT, What are they like ?

JOAN [suddenly obstinate] I will tell you nothing about
that: they have not given me leave,

ROBERT. But you actually see them; and they talk to
you just as I am talking to you ?

JOAN, No: It is quite different. I cannot tell you i
you must not talk to me about my yokes.

ROBERT, How do you mean ? voices ?

JOAN, I hear voices telling me what to do. They come
from God.

ROBERT. They come from your imagination,

JOAN* Of course. That is how the messages of God
come to us.